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Hi, i've got the pageflip movie to work with my pages (32 of them) however when I flip through the pages, bits of the page turn transparent and disappear.

I'm using flattened .png files for the pages.

The transparency seems to be completely random (it doesnt happen in the same place on the same pages all the time). It also doesnt happen if I slowly turn the pages rather than double clicking the corners to make them turn automatically.

I thought it might be the flash player engine not being powerful enough to render the pages as they turn. (the pages are 340x711 pixels)

Has anyone else come across this problem? Any ideas of how to fix it?

I've tried setting the quality to low when they turn the pages and slowing down the page turn speed but that doesnt help either.

On another note, i've got 3 pages that have animations on them however when you rollover the corners to turn the page, the animation restarts. I know this is because of the 'reset page' function but does anyone know how to fix this or know of a work around?


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