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Can anyone point me to a good tutorial or get me headed in the right direction. I need to make a paralax effect kinda like this site has: ... /epk/cast/
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I've never done anything quite like that, but it's probably roughly similar to a carousel type script which are a dime a dozen. I do like the effect in that link though. If you do find something be curious to see what you got.

//I also found this which might give you some ideas ... mouse-move
I didn't try it out but the horizontal scroll on mousemove could probably be extended to the y axis.
Here's the code

Good search results here also

I downloaded the source files from here: ... -scrolling

It's pretty close.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

its pretty easy to do. Mostly just a lot of photoshop work to make sure each part is on its own layer. Here's a good tutorial...

I think the trick is to make it narrow with a larger offset to the movement. However, if you don't need it to be interactive After Effects has an even easier way to do it:

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