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We need to send some transition parameters through a localConnection... it could be passed as a string, xml or maybe an object... but it only works if we put the parameters "hard coded". We need something like the code below:


listeningLC.transition = function(pTranstionsParams:Object){ var tm:TransitionManager = new TransitionManager(mc_xyz); tm.startTransition({type:mx.transitions.Zoom, direction:0, duration:2, easing:mx.transitions.easing.None.easeNone, param1:empty, param2:empty}); }

The part {type:mx.transitions.Zoom, direction:0, duration:2, easing:mx.transitions.easing.None.easeNone, param1:empty, param2:empty}
should be passed as a parameter because it might be changed at runtime... but we have tried a lot of different things, but we didn't get through it...

Could any one give any clue?

Best Regards
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Post 3+ Months Ago

did u try to send it as a string and then get all the info u need out of it?

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