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It seems simple enough and I have done it before but in this movie clip I have some script which fades an image to white and then moves to the next frame.

I want to stop the fade to white script when the pause button is played. Below is the code:

Code: [ Select ]
function onEnd(){
  1. function onEnd(){
  2.     gotoAndStop(this._currentframe+1);
  3. }
  4. rn26.brightOffsetTo(100,0.5,"easeOutSine",5,onEnd);

Script breakdown:
rn26 is my movieclip
beightOffSetTo and 100 is the fade to white
0.5 is how fast
easeOutSine is the transition
5 is the delay (I want to stop this delay on pause)
onEnd plays my function to go to the next frame

My pause button is called pause_btn. I've tried numerous ways to get it to work but so far nothing has helped :(
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Post 3+ Months Ago

you still didn't say what you used for fading.
is it actionscript with mx tween? (i'd said so since you mentioned something about easeOutSine, but i want to be sure)

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