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Im looking for a flash gallery that is driven by a php backend. Also has a thumbnail preview, like most gallersy, and it loads all the images continously, rather than loads one as you select it. Has anyone seen a flash gallery that has all these included? I would make it my self but I really have no idea how to design something in flash and script it. If there is a way to just program a gallery like this then if you could point me in the direction that would be great too. I've seen flash scripts that are just all action script so Im going ot guess that its possible, but I have no idea where to start. I havnt really found any articles or tutorials on just action scripts.
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Kirupa has a tutorial to build an xml image gallery in flash...

I don't know php but I'm sure you can find a php script to build the xml file that is then read by Flash. There are of course other ways to build a php driven flash (AMFphp, etc) but this is a pretty easy way to start. The above tutorial doesn't preload images until you ask for the file, but you can always track down tutorials on download cuing/sequential image loading and then apply that to your working gallery.

Alternately some place like flashDen might have something you can modify to work with php/xml feed.

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