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Problem: Flash picture and it gets the coordinates (where to jump) from PHP.
For example: Picture is 1000*750 and the flash is only 200*100. So I don't know what I've to do.
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Hi there,

how are you parsing the pictures into php. Is it creating an xml schema for you.

create a movie clip in flash and have the regestration point in the top left corner. Export for actionscript and then attach each one for each picture onto the stage.

If the picture is bigger than your stage you could try using this in the instance of the movie clip which holds your picture..

Code: [ Select ]
this._xscale = 50;
this._yscale = 50;
  1. this._xscale = 50;
  2. this._yscale = 50;

where the values are the percentage in size. You could equate this to the original size

Code: [ Select ]
this._xscale = this._xscale / Stage.width;
this._yscale = this._yscale / Stage.height;
  1. this._xscale = this._xscale / Stage.width;
  2. this._yscale = this._yscale / Stage.height;

however I would create a thumbnail for each image and then load the image up when you click on each thumbnail.


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Post 3+ Months Ago

if you want to display the whole pictures, then make the flash stage width big enough (i.e. : 1024), then use php to modify the stage height (from the html <object> code).
If you want only to display thumbnails ... then better read the upper post and use thumbnails .... faster load.

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