Is it possible to have a word appear when matrix code runs o

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Hi everybody i am new here and am in need of a little bit of help

i am working on a site for something matrix related
now i am trying to get something like a intro page in flash
which has a title in the middle of the screen
which becomes visible when matrix code runs over it

is this possible ?
if so is it possible to give me some directions or maybe guides

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You should google for masking, mask layer tutorials
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something like this oughta work:

these are layers in your movie from top down.

layer1-mask layer for layer 2: the matrix text in a movie clip, it needs to be contained in a clip for this to work

layer 2-masked by layer 1: the title text you want to appear

layer 3 - not masked: copy of the matrix text movie clip not masking or being masked, synced to layer 1

so from the top down what you will see is this:

the title text, but only where the matrix letters on the masking layer go over them. but this doesnt show the matrix letters at all, so behind the title text, you have the movie clip showing the letters.

you can do cool stuff like putting a layer between 1 and 2, also masked by layer one, that is also a copy of the matrix letters, but at a really low alpha, so you will see the title text, and the ghost of the matrix letters passing over them, and then reappearing on the other side. you might have to adjust the masking copy of the matrix clip if the space between the letters makes it so the title isnt shown very well. put like an alpha mask or something.

hope that helps

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