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I am trying to make a flash actionscript program simply post data into a php script

so far my code is as follows

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var dat:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
dat.hello = "nice";
  1. var dat:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
  2. dat.hello = "nice";
  3. dat.send("http://localhost/flash/nice.phpf","_blank","POST");

now on the php side is simply checks if a POST or GET has been made and then marks it in the database, so what happens on the php side wont effect what happens on the flash side.

Now, the situation with the flash is that regardless that I have the "POST" as a parameter in the send function of the loadVars class it still wont actually POST the variables, instead each time they end up being in the URL ?hello=nice, therefore being a GET.

I know this because the php script identifies in the database if it was a GET or a POST function, and I have made many other scripts to determine if a POST has been committed, but the GET is always there instead.

Now what am I doing wrong here, how do I get it to actually POST the variables...?

any help would be fine

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Take a look at the following tutorial : ... _email.htm
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I don't work with server-side Flash, so I can't tell you for sure, but could it have anything to do with the ' f' at the end of your URL?
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The "f" in the file extension is preventing the server from recognizing the file as php and treating it like php.

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