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I having some issues making a Preloader for my flash project. Basically my file loads a flv file into the scene, but i figured it would be best to add a preloader to it and get some practice in doing it using AS3. The problem is I had all my items on my stage on frame one in different layers so I figured if I wanted to add a preloader I needed to move some of my items mainly the actionscript layer that loads in the flv and the flv component layer to the second frame.

So after moving those items to the second frame and added the code for the preloader in frame one and some weird things started to happen when I test the movie and was using the simulated download feature in the test movie controls.

What is happening instead of my images I wanted to be shown while the preloader is running the screen stays blank until it gets to about 98% loaded then the text box pops up and the flv begins to play. So something is happening that is not allowing the preloader script to work until the movie is completely loaded anyways which defeats the purpose of the preloader.

I watched the stats in the band width profiler and found its not executing the preloader AS until its 100% loaded. So what could be some possible problems, or what am I doing wrong?

If need be I have uploaded the files for download at to see it up close and personal if my problem explanation is not to clear as if whats going on. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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