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Ok, I posted this once before and got no response so I'll try again...

I have a site in HTML and have four different pages with one external .swf file on each page. The .swf files are a little large so when you select each page it takes a long time for them to load. Is there a way to preload them or to create a "loading" page for them? I have created a preloader in Flash but that becomes part of the .swf file which then makes it even larger (and therefore longer to load). I would be happy with a simple "loading" page in html that doesn't finish until the .swf files have loaded but the one I did plays and then it still takes forever for the flash file to come up...

If anyone has ANY ideas please...I could really use the help.

thanks in advance.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Are you looking at file size or load time (they're different with flash). Flash tries to stream content based on the contents frame. So if you have a 30mb flash file but only 30k on the first frame flash isn't going to wait to load all 30mb before you see anything. Instead its going to load that 30k first and try to show that (plus a little player overhead) and then go on to show the next fame it loads, etc.

So even if the file is bigger but you only have a loader on your first two frames it won't make the file slower to load. I can't imagine a place where you would need to script the html pages to wait until the flash is loaded.

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