Preloading with items being exported for AS.

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Hi Guys,
I've got a strange problem with preloading...

I currently have the preloader on frames 1&2, then a couple of large movie clips on frame 3, with the main content on frame 4. The preloader goes to frame 4 once it's done and the MC's on frame 3 are being exported for actionscript, but NOT set to export in the first frame (in order to display the preloader before it starts loading anything).

The strange part is, that when it's setup like this, the published file size is 2.3MB (pretty big!), but when I set my MC's to export in the first frame and then delete them from frame 3, the file size is 0.9MB! Unfortunately doing it this way messes up the preloader, which then only appears for the last 20%!

Has anyone come across this before? I find it really wierd that the file should be so much bigger when it's on the stage, to when it's exported on the first frame...?! It would be great if you could choose to export MC's on the second frame, but it's not somthing i've seen....

Any ideas would me most appreciated.


Dr G
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Maybe u can check if there is embed fonts in the first frame.

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