Problem with latency when loading external movies

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Hi peoplez!

My knowledge of flash where required by studding tutorials. I’m working with flash around a year and half from now if I’m not mistaking and I’ve made several site’s with flash components… let’s say that I’m not a newbie anymore ;)

I’ve made a site almost completely in flash: 1 main movie and several smaller movies for each section of the site:
- Each movie has his own loader (scene1=loader, scene2=movie)
- Sizes: Main movie 400kb, smaller movies 130kb – 170kb
- good server

I choose this method so you wouldn’t have to wait much in the main load and to avoid loading sections of the site that you probably wouldn’t surf/see.

I don’t know why, but there is some kind of latency when you click the menu (most of all by people with low internet speed connection). Some times it takes so much time that you could wait and wait thinking that it doesn’t work. In the other hand, there is none latency when the movie has to open a new html window.
Btw: this doesn’t occur when testing in flash program or from the HD

This is the code I’ve used for the button:

on (release) {

Solution?- Is there a better way to do this?
- Would it be wise to preload all movies in the background? How can I do that in a way that the movie would only begin to play by clicking the button and not when it’s done with loading?

For more info or such, just ask please! :)

Thanks in advanced!
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Can you post a url to your project so we can see whats going on?
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Do you have a preloader on your external .swf files as well? The latency is most likely coming from the fact that the movie won't play until it is fully loaded. If you do have a preloader on the files, are you using any components or have any of the linkage settings for your clips set as 'export to first frame' so that you can access it via AS (such as using attachMovie() or attachSound()). If so, this exports to frame 0 which is inaccessible to you, it is done to assure these clips are loaded and are accessible when needed via actionscript. This means these items load before the preloader itself, which could be causing the latency.

As for the proposed solution, I don't recommend that, it defeats the entire purpose of using the loadMovie() method.
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I’m sorry for having you waiting my answers … I’ve had very busy and difficult days :S

Can you post a url to your project so we can see what’s going on?

Do you have a preloader on your external .swf files as well?
-> Yes I have.

“Export to first frame”
-> Have you a *.fla file / tutorial where I can see an example?
I’ve tried it but whiteout any success


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