Problem with scenes .

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Hey guys,

Thanks for all your help on the other stuff I asked. I have one more question for you.

My site has four levels.

Level 0 is just a blank starting movie. Level 1 is empty in this case. Level 2 called "members.swf" contains three links that cause the movie to play Scene 2 and then jump to another loaded movie in that level. the three links ALSO cause the movie in level 3 to unload, AND they cause the movie on level 4 to move to Scene 7, frame 1.

Now, here is the problem.

I'm using this code on one of the buttons in level 2:

gotoAndPlay("Scene 2");
gotoAndPlay("Scene 7");

On releasing the button:
The movie plays on level 2.
The movie unloads from level 3.
The movie in level 4 however keeps skipping to another scene "Scene 23" instead of scene 7 like it should.

am I doing something wrong in the scripting or do I need something else?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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you can put trace into you Scene 7,the first frame.make sure it isn't jump to the Scene 23.

then do the other try,to put the code which means to play Scene 7 above the Scene 2

then you can try to write a function in the root,then call the function frome the release action

hope it works
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Okay ... I tried using trace(), but I'm thinking I don't know how to use it correctly ...

I doesn't matter what order I put them in, NOR what I put as the scene number in my tellTarget gotoAnPlay command it ALWAYS jumps to Scene 23.

I don't know how exactly to use the functions ... is there a better place for a tutorial?



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