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If smb can help me with this...first, sorry about my english...I downloaded some tutorial about how to make slideIN_menu, but when I try to write on one menu rectangle text is appearing on all other retangles. The code in AC is for all rectangles of this menu so I think here is the problem, but I dont know how can I separate AS and write a code for every sigle rectangle. I dont know if I can explain what I mean, but here is the end of the code:

//but actions
//use a for loop to reduce repetition of the code
//this variable stores what number button it is
theButton.onEnterFrame=function() {
//if the mouse is over the but
if (["but"+this.thisNum].overMe) {
//call the bounce prototype
this.elasticScale(150, 0.7, 0.3)
} else {
this.elasticScale(100, 0.7, 0.3)
//set a variable["but"+this.thisNum].overMe=true;
//bring to the front["but"+this.thisNum].swapDepths(5000)
//set a variable["but"+this.thisNum].overMe=false;

If smb know please help the beginner!

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