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Hi, I have a question. I have a movie that plays images that fade in and fade out. The images have preloaders. Below the movie is a menu bar. The problem I have is that when the movie is playing and I click on a button on the menu bar to take me to another page, it takes forever! Way too long. Here's the website:

While the movie is playing if you click on TRAVEL, it takes a really long time. How can I change the actionscript to make it go instantly as soon as the button is clicked? I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks!!
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There's a couple of things you can do.


Number one is to not have seperate pages for each section.
You can have one .swf be the menu at the bottom and the name to the right and have an empty movie clip into which you load the image galleries. Then have a seperate swf for each gallery, with it's own preloader, that loads in there when you click on the appropriate button:
Code: [ Select ]
  1. on(release){unloadMovie("empty");
  2. loadMovie("celebrity.swf","empty");}


Number two is to have a similar set up, but instead of having a seperate, huge (each of these is like 2-4Mb) photogalleries loading, you can load each image dynamically. Have a folder for each section, populate it with images with sequential names (travel1.jpg, travel2.jpg, travel3.jpg...). Put an empty movieclip whereever you want the pictures to load (or, since you want the pictures staggered, set up two of 'em).

Define some variables, so that you have a limit of total images for each section... such as travel=20, etc...

Then just set up a sequency of frames for each section where it's just long enough for one image and then it has some tag where it goes back to the beginning of that labelled section, where there's something like this:
Code: [ Select ]
if (i<totaltravel){
  1. i++;
  2. if (i<totaltravel){
  3. unloadMovie("empty");
  4. loadMovie("travel"+i+".jpg","empty");
  5. }else{
  6. i=1;
  7. unloadMovie("empty");
  8. loadMovie("travel"+i+".jpg","empty");}

You could repeat that and use "empty2" as your movieclip for loading the pics offset to the right...

Anyways... way too long a post, but I hope it's helpful...


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