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I have three questions I would like to ask about my movie.
I have my template that was donated to me, had a hell of a time tryting to figure it out, anyways my first question would be ,If my template is done and I would like to add a mail form and I have a fla for the mail form how to you add it to your movie? I get confused with this because you always want to add extra thing in a movie. Do you go right in the movie to add new thing or do you have to creat a new flas then add to the movie?.
2. I wanted to add time and date to my template but most tutorials are on flash 5 or older i'm using flashmx2004 anyone have a good tutorial on this.
3. I made a dynamic text scroller they work fine but I would like to have a nicer looking scroller something simple but nice looking not the old looking grey scroller we see everyday , I would like to have a scroller with a ball on top and 1 at the bottom with a line in the midle and another ball that will go up and down the line, how can I do this withought screwing up my scroller that I have now. I hope someone understand what i'm asking thanks :?:
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1) You can copy and paste frames from one movie to another. Select the frames (hold shift and drag to select multiple frames/layers) then right click on the selected frames and choose "copy frames", then in your current movie, where you want the form to be, create a new layer, right click on the timeline in that layer and choose "paste frames".

2) You can use a Flash 5 tutorial for the time/date, the Date() object hasn't changed.

3) You can either go into the library and edit the clips for the scrollbar component yourself, or you can search for some open source scrollbars at flashkit.com or something, and last but not least, you can code one yourself ;)

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