recompiling .fla pieces into .swf

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Im completely new to Flash, so forgive any glaring mistakes.

I recently received Webmaster rights to a guild site, which uses a flash .swf ticker for news. I was told the old webmaster never got around to taking the piglatin out of the ticker, and now all i have is the .swf and not the original .fla.

Ive tried getting in contact with the original designer, but he is either dead or in some remote jungle. Since this theme was released as GNU im pretty sure it was intended to be amended and changed.

Using 'SoThink SWF Decompiler', i have properly gotten what seem to be the original pieces that make up the .swf ticker, and have made the appropriate changes to the text.

But now i have all these pieces and i have no fandagled idea of how to put them back together again. i feel like im the guy assigned to put humpty dumpty back together, and you know how that turns out.

Im using CS4 to view the flash files. The files open individually but not if i try to open them as a group. Im sure this question covers several topics, so please illuminate what these might be.

Im attaching the pieces and original .swf to a winrar file so you can see what im talking about. The files seem to have retained proper structure but as a flashnoob i have no idea whats wrong. The file is here:

if its as simple as recompiling them could someone recompile them for me and tell me what process was used, so that i may try to replicate it for later use?

Thanks for your time,


P.S. i searched for recompiling flash but the other threads had people who were asking how to get the pieces not putting them back together.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Well the word "recompile" might be what is confusing you. You just bring up each of your revised FLA's in CS4, click File>Publish and it will create a .swf file. Then swap out the new swf files for the old ones and it should work fine.

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