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Hello everyone

I am telling you if someone could help me.
I am making a flash site, with different scenes and each scene has different buttons.

Each scene has two movie clips on the main line: the first clip plays when you run the scene,
and with it comes the contents by a motion effect.
The second clip, which is also found in the main timeline, it runs when you've given a button
to escape this scene, ie the second clip is executed before changing scene.
With this second clip out the contents of this scene, making another motion effect.

I put the code that has a button in one scene:

on (press) (
target = "introescena5" / / when finished salidaescena1 want to be introescena5
gotoAndPlay ( "salidaescena1") / / start the animation output

What is in quotes are labels in the timeline, matching each movieclip.

And in the last frame of each movie clip out there this code:

gotoAndPlay (target) / / data to target = "introescena5" is like saying gotoAndPlay ( "introescena5")

And with all this, it should work, not, as they give you any button at any stage that is,
I do the same, it's as if he were to Next, all the while, as I will reproduce the scenes,
one by one, in the order that I created.
By this I do, someone can tell me, what is wrong? Or if there is another code that was worth?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Anybody know of other work this same way or with other code?
Thank you very much

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