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In AS2 when I had a button on an external page swf that was loaded into the main website swf and I wanted that button to go back to the main website swf main time line and change to a specific frame I just used ...
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_root.gotoAndPlay("$/pmp/engine/"); the button's release code. How do I do that in AS3? I guess I just need to know how to get to the main swf since root refers to the external page swf's main timeline. Garrr this is annoying. My structure is this:

main.swf's main time line has a button. Click that button, it loads preloaderpmp.swf into a blank movie frame with the instance name container. preloaderpmp.swf loads pmp.swf in. In pmp.swf's main timeline there is a movie clip inside a movie clip which contains a button that I want link back to main.swf and go to the frame "$/pmp/engine/" once it is released. What can I replace _root with since this is AS3?

Here are some other attempts I have tried and failed to work right:

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I would appreciate any help :-)

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