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I'm fairly new at Flash and am having that preloader loading at aroung 75% problem. I've tried every type of preloader I can find and nothing works correctly. I've also tried everything related to "export in first frame" (and I'm almost positive that's the problem). I have about 7 various sounds attached using this code:

Code: [ Select ]
SoundHere=new Sound();
  1. SoundHere=new Sound();
  2.   SoundHere.attachSound("SoundLinkageHere");
  3.    SoundHere.start(0,0);

The problem I have when unchecking the "export in first frame" is the sounds don't play at all. I also tried putting all componets with "export in first frame" in frame two, and then adding gotoAndPlay(3); to the preloader and "export on frame two" in the Actionscript Publishing dialogue, but to no avail. Am I using the wrong code?

I'm also using some Actionscripting to animate, but I don't think thats part of the problem. None of my imported images or movie clips are set to "export for actionscript"(or first frame) as far as I know.

I've also looked into maybe an external preloader(in its own movie), but can't find any tuts or links or anything really useful. Do you think this is a plausible answer? If so can you help with a link or two?

I've already poured quite a few hours chalked full'o cussing and throwing of blunt objects accross the room, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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