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Hi, I'm using flash 8 professional, and I'm wondering if there's a way to view exactly what's happening in the movie, by scrubbing the timeline.

Currently, when I have a movieclip on stage that has it's own timeline (say 10 frames) and I've created 10 frames in the main timeline on the layer with the movieclip on, when I scrub the timeline, it only shows the first frame of the movieclip.

I've seen a online tutorial video where the dude is scrubbing the main timeline, and you can see the animation of the movieclip playing in the main area.

He is using flash MX2004 - does anyone know how I might achieve this in flash 8? Getting all my different movieclips to align in the main timeline are a right nightmare, cos I can't see what any of them are doing when I scrub the main timeline!
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It sounds like you're a video editor, lots of flash people don't know the term scrubbing.

If you're using library items in your main timeline you won't see the animation that goes on in each library item. The library items will appear as only their first frame.

Does that explain your issue?

In other words the example you saw had all the animation in the timeline itself, not in sub movie animations.

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