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I have a MySQL database with one table in it which contains a list of unique number/letter combinations, e.g. 234gfd5675

In my Flash file I then have one text field and a button. What I want to happen is then a combination is entered into the text field and the button is pressed, using a PHP file, the database is searched for this combination. If not fund an error is displayed and if the combination is found then the Flash file will continue to the next frame.

Any ideas on a good tutorial to use for this? I have found loads that write to a database and then deiplay the content, but can not find any that will search the database.
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Are you doing this async or does the flash you using have direct database access?

Bit behind on the flash side of things and I remember the way I used to do it was an async call of to a php page or the likes that provided access to the database./ If you can write to a database you can read from the database :) Do you know how to execute queries against a database?

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