Send email from Flash with php help . What's wrong.?

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Hi everybody,

I make a website with a form to send to email...
That's not the first, and all of the others go well with no problem.
Now, for some esoteric reason, it's not function.
When i test, nothing appear in my e-mail, and i think, as the others, it should be.

That's the code i got in flash:

System.useCodepage = true;
enviar_btn.onRelease = function() {
loadVariables("", "", "GET");

Now, that's the code i got in 'orcamentos.php':

$mensagem = "Data: $VCdata\r\nEmpresa: $VCempresa\r\nMorada: $VCmorada\r\nCódigo Postal: $VCcpostal\r\nNúmero de Contribuinte: $VCcontribuinte\r\nTelefone: $VCtelefone\r\nFax: $VCfax\r\nEmail: $VCemail\r\nTipo de Obra: $VCobra\r\nLocalização: $VClocalizacao\r\n";

if(mail("", "Formulario site - Orçamentos", "$mensagem", "from: $VCempresa <$VCemail>")){
echo"&Cenviado=Os dados foram processados correctamente. Entraremos em contacto consigo assim que possível. Obrigado.";

I fell like my head is colapsing...
You can save it...

Please, if someone see something i should try instead, gimme a hand...


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Post 3+ Months Ago

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