sending mail from flash without using mailto!

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well, it's been a while... I've been off getting married and lying in the sun...

Now I'm back with a stumper...

I'm using a flash website template, which has a contact page. when you fill out the email form, if you click the 'clear' button ( with this code:)

on (release) {

t01 = "";

t02 = "";

t03 = "";

t04 = "";


the form clears! Hooray! But the 'send' button has no code Sad Boo!

I've tried making up code, finding tutorials etc, but the only help i've found tells me how to make and script a whole form, and I can't single out the bit I need for the send button.

It may help to know that t01 is the person's name, t02 is their email address, t03 is the subject line, and t04 is the message.

I'd really like the form to work without bringing up a popup a la the mailto command.

Any ideas?!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

oh ... it's you ... again. I thought that it was a deja vu ... but no, is the same post twice. Upload your files somewhere and link me to it, cos i see this is getting nowhere.

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