setting text property of the textfield in a loop

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Could anybody please let me know how to dinamically write text to a series of textboxes. The textboxes are ‘inside a movieclip object which are stored in an array. It works for individual text box e.g.

Mc1.text1.text = “abc”
Mc1 is the movie clip’s name, text1 is the textboxes’ name

if I try to acces the textboxes in a for loop I cannot set the name of the text box:

Code: [ Select ]
for (var i=0; i<mc_array.length; i++){
    var no = i+1;
    mc_array[i].text+no.text = “abc”;
  1. for (var i=0; i<mc_array.length; i++){
  2.     var no = i+1;
  3.     mc_array[i].text+no.text = “abc”;
  4. }

This code does nothing at all!

Please help – othervise I will have to set all of the tex boxes individually – and I’ve got quite a few of them!


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Your targetting is wrong. You will need to use what is called Associative Array Referencing... you can read more on that here.... ... adid=12082
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