Share session data from ASP.Net with Flash Media Server?

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basicaly my main objective is:

1) an asp'net login page
2) a user logged in a page that has an asp'net session in it and SWF object
3) all the session info is hidden from the user so embeding the UID etc. in flash vars/XML is not an option.
4) at this point the SWF seppused to recieve an XML of the users profile without knowing the UID.

step 4, as I understand it:
a) the SWF connects to FMS
b) FMS gets the UID from the asp'net session and sends it back to the .aspx module that returns the desired XML
c) FMS returns the XML to the SWF

5) once the XML is loaded the SWF will contain links that will ask for other XML's like the users PhotoGallery

step 5, as I understand it:
a) the gallery button triggers a function at the FMS that sends the relevant photoGallery+UID to the .aspx module and returns the XML to the SWF

as I see it ther are 2 parts to using FMS:
a) ther is the SWF that the client interacts with at the webpage he see's.
b) ther is the app at FMS's applications folder containing serverside code which interacts with the SWF and the asp'net that contains the SWF.

so what I need to do/understand is how to use FMS as mediator between the SWF and the asp'net session info and .aspx modules
so that the SWF gets only whats relevant to the user without access to the links of the moduls and his UID.

I'll be thankfull for an explanation/correction of the procces i've described and the right way to do it, with emphasis on the exact way FMS can get that UID stored in the asp'net session data.

I'm sorry for my english but I really need that answer.
Event if what I said is completely impossible and got nothing to do with FMS a confirmation will be great.


Keep in mind that the optimal solution will be that the server will contain all the classes and files but the Key for this whole thing to work is to get the UID from the session, Im not sure if I will need other session info but try to refer your answer to a state in which the FMS needs a constant connection to all the session data which is changing all the time.

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