Some compatability issues, please help.

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i'm building my site in swf format and i'm having a lot of trouble with browser compatability. when i use the publish command in flash, the swf doesn't seem to work at all in internet explorer. but when i try using the solution presented here:
it works in Internet explorer (though without transparency) but then it doesn't work at all in Firefox!

the url the page in question is

by the way, the way it is right now, the site should work in firefox, but not internet explorer.
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i use firefox ... and it works ok... now i`m trying I.E
ok, this is what i found
As of April 11, 2006 (assuming all relevant patches from Microsoft have been applied), any Flash file embedded using the default object/embed code and viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer will prompt users to "click to activate and use this control", before it will run. This is due to a patent dispute between the University of California, Eolas and Microsoft[11] that has concluded by finding against Microsoft and awarding damages of $521 million against the company[12].

In an interview with eWeek, Eolas founder Michael Doyle said, "We have from the beginning had a general policy of providing non-commercial users royalty-free licenses ... the open-source community shouldn't have anything to fear from us"[13], so most other browsers should not be forced to follow suit.

The dispute was over the whole concept of embedded, interactive ActiveX controls in IE, using the object and similar HTML elements, which Michael Doyle patented for UC in 1993, then licensed exclusively to a company he founded (Eolas) in 1994[14]. There are potential workarounds for IE users, but implementing them will mean code alterations to countless web pages that currently make use of Flash and other embedded ActiveX applications.

Apart from Eolas' stated immunity for the 'open-source community', due to various reasons including Microsoft's own patents, other browsers like Firefox etc, do not use ActiveX technology at all.

To temporarily fix the problem, here is a compatibility patch
revert patch

also, you can try java script:
FlashObject from java script

personally i would write in the title: best viewed with Firefox. That would solve all the problems :D

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