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ok this is driving me insane iv followed this tutorial
But when place in my already existing flash it doesnt work it just plays the 2nd frame then the third, i place a stop() in the second frame but it does not stop it just goes on and play the 3rd.... any help is much appriciated as this is due soon and is very important

thanks a heap
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When I create stops, I first create a new layer, call it 'actions', select that layer, and move to the correct frame on the timeline. I then create a new keyframe (not blank), and click on the actions bit (should be just above the property inspector). It will slide up, and then I enter the stop command and then hide the actions bar again. Now, where your new keyframe was in the timeline, you should see a little 'ao' symbol.
That's your stop, and you can copy it in the timeline to create more stops too.

Hope this helps. :)

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