Strange Problem regrading flash sound

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Hi guys i am having strange problem.

I have Flash 8 professional Installed on my system. And for the browsing flash installed for all browser (FF,Opera,IE6).

Problem is whenever i play anything on flash no matter in browser or in flash player, or in flash itself, i can't hear the sound from the file.

Lets say i have imported a sound file to the flash, dan open the library, there is sound file. When i click on play that sound file, i can't hear the sound.

What kind of problem is this somebody does have any idea or some one has experienced regrading this kind of problem.

If yes dan do let me also know the solution.

Thanks for ur time.
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First Question: Have you tried it on another computer.
Next: Which OS.... I had simular issues on Red Hat until I got my MP3 Codecs properly installed.

next thing is to make a test file.....not in same file.
put an MP3 on your desktop and name it test.mp3

Make a flash file and save it to your desktop name it test

in the first frame add the following code

var s:Sound = new Sound();

Publish the movie and open the HTML file. Do you have sound?

If yes next import a different sound into the library, right click on it and set its linkage to test2.

g back to that frame and remove all of the code accept this

var s:Sound = new Sound();

and now add this


Did you hear this...... if so here is noting wrong with you OS or Flash players you have a issue withing that movie., if they dont play download the flash uninstaller from adobe....remove your players....clean registry.....reboot...spin around three times..(gotcha).....and reinstall your flash player....then try it........but definatly try it on another pc first.
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does anything play sound? Can you watch a dvd? That sound a lot like a sound card drivers issue.

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