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hi guys

please help me with this (using Flash MX Pro)
i have a movieclip with two button
when the movieclip open it "streams" an mp3 song via "behaviors", so it genereates the code itself
behind the two buttons are two other songs which are also "streamed".
but the problem is, if the song ends, it doesnt loop but it stops
how can i make it loop. I just got 1 frame.

thx in advance
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Either untick a box 'stop playing at the end of the movie' if there is one in Flash that is.
Or script it: on press/rollover/keypress/dragover/dragout/onrelease so many options for the button.
Or conditional: If frameloaded/if nearthis/ /got to frame ??/play sound stop sound/
Depends whats in the Flash as these options are all available in Swishmax.
Plenty Flash users are here to help...ask away.
:D :D

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