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how do you stream video so that it doesn't start to play before it can finish downloading or can play while it is downloading; continue to play without stopping until it is done (meaning without hesitation as it downloads) is this a server side script?

help please
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In your Flash movie you could assign getBytesTotal to a variable and then check what percentage you loaded with getBytesLoaded.

the code:
Code: [ Select ]
percentageLoaded=getBytesLoaded() / (totalSize/100);
  1. totalSize=getBytesTotal();
  2. percentageLoaded=getBytesLoaded() / (totalSize/100);

At the first frame stop your movie with a stop() action.

now you could say if you wanted your movie to start when 30% is loaded:
Code: [ Select ]
if (percentageLoaded>whenToStart){;
  1. whenToStart=30;
  2. if (percentageLoaded>whenToStart){
  4. }

You could ask someone with a form what their connectionspeed is and adjust the whenToStart variable accordingly.

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