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I am having a problem with the gotoAndStop function in my CS3 flash application.

I have 3 frame on my timeline (keyframes). I click on a button of the first frame and pass to the frame 2 by having a listener on the button doing : gotoAndStop(2,"Scene 1"). Frame 1 and Frame 2 contains both a different Datagrid (as a MovieClip)

I have a problem appearing here. The datagrid from frame1 is still displayed under (kind of background) the datagrid from frame2. They are kind of superposed. The datagrid is the only element from frame 1 having this behavior. The buttons and text area are not displayed, following the normal behavior.

Here is the part of my code doing that :

Buy.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, readyToBuy);

function readyToBuy(e:Event):void{
gotoAndStop(2,"Scene 1");

I added a stop at the beginning of frame2 and it didnt change anything (logic i think).

Any help is more than welcomed. I dont understand this strange behavior.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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