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It's my first post. So be kind. Haha. I'm having a FUN day, my host has my site down so I'm bored and thought I would try to resolve some problems while I wait for it to come back up.

I have been using SWISHMax to create simple flash stuff for awhile now, and have a problem I can't resolve. When I create something now, it will just repeat and repeat and repeat....etc. It never did it in the past, but does now. Under 'Movie' I have 'Stop playing at the end of the movie' checked, but it still continues to repeat.

Under 'Help' I typed in 'Repeat' and it says "The Repeat Frames tab of the 'Repeat Frames Settings' dialog box is represented below. It can be displayed by double-clicking on a Repeat Frames Effect in the Timeline, or right-clicking on a Repeat Frames Effect and choosing Properties from the context Menu". The only thing is....I have NO idea where it is. I have right clicked, left clicked and still can't fix the problem. So, I thought I would ask the experts.

Thanks in advance, and I hope I put my first post in the right place.
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shawninseattle hi,
Welcome to ozzu, in Swishmax there is a script you can put in, you'll find this in the "layout scene_1" next to that is script, open that window add script "movie control" use expert or guided mode, its up to you, you will find stop playing, go to frame and stop (enter frame number).
this should work for you.
Also to add to that if you go to the last frame in the timeline click row above and right click "stop" it will appear as a red bar.

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