switching "loadmovie" to "attatch movie clip&

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I reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy need some help.

I don't know if this is possible... I'm making my parents something for their anniversary, I found a really great script for a 3d rotating cube and it works really well... the only thing is, it loads an external jpg for each face. I wanted to have a button on each face, so I need to know how to just attach a movie clip to each side instead of loading an external source.

This is the code that loads each different face:

for (var i = 0; i<picCube.holderArray.length; i++) {
var holder = picCube.holderArray[i];
var c = holder.createEmptyMovieClip("loader", 2);

Does anyone know how I can attach movie clips to each face instead of the external jpgs?

my faces are named "faceArray[0]","faceArray[1]","faceArray[2]",etc if that helps.
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it seems like i'd just be able to switch:




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The load movie class will take images or swfs. The easy thing to do would be to publish movie clips with your button inside and load it in instead of the jpeg

Code: [ Select ]

assumes that you name your swfs the same as the jpegs. looks like a number is needed 1,2,3,etc

Code: [ Select ]
c.attachMovie("name of linkage", "newClipName", c.getNextHighestDepth());

should work as well

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