Target paths going wrong - any help appreciated!

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Ok I am having some problems with target paths, hopeing someone can help.

I have a main timeline = website.swf. This contains movieclip home2_mc which contains an external swf, clients.swf

Clients.swf contains movieclip contentMC. Also contains movieclip scolly_thing which contains movieclip clips0 which contains a button.

I need THIS button to load an external swf, test.swf into contentMC

The script I have references _root a lot, and works perfectly inside clients.swf when clients.swf is standing alone. But when I load clients.swf into home2_mc inside website.swf it no longer works.

This is obviously because of some target paths going wrong, and I'm guessing it's because I can't use _root anymore once clients.swf is no longer the main timeline.

I know it sounds complicated, but the basic question is: How do I reference contentMC through this hierachy? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :roll:
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Post 3+ Months Ago

what is the code on the button so far?

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