Targeting an iFrame from Flash

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The getURL("", "traffic");

does work in Flash 8 but you have to publish to the web. If you test it locally it opens a new window. :D
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joebert wrote:
Sure, In your HTML give your Iframe a name like,
Code: [ Select ]
<iframe src="defaultPage.html" name="frameName"></iframe>

Then just target that frame with your button in flash with getURL() like so,
Code: [ Select ]
button.onPress = function(){
   getURL("pageToLoad.html", "frameName");
  1. button.onPress = function(){
  2.    getURL("pageToLoad.html", "frameName");
  3. }

Of course replace pageToLoad.html with your page & frameName with the name of your Iframe. :)

I am having multiple iframes in my home page. The target framename works fine in opera and firefox, but while using IE8, target page doesn't get opened target iframe in same window ,instead its open in new window.

Is there any alternative to open in target page in target frame in same window.

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i trying to get my guestbook to work inside a flashpage

i was using this code
loadMovieNum("guestbook.swf", 1);

and the guestbook show up..but the record is no showing

you can see it in action here (Click on GBOOK)

i download the guestbook from

and you can see the guestbook in action here

So why don't the record show up???
i notice that when i click on gbook and the guestbook show up..then it will stay up..even when i click on the other can i get it to close when i click on other link??

NOTE:Remove , and replace with . or the url will not work
The URL is Off...i think becuse i'am a new member :wink:


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