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Is there anyway to change the background color of the text area component or make it transparent? Also, can the gray border around it be removed?
Thanks in advance.
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If you understand Actionscript, what you're looking for is here.

{Flash Install Directory}/{Language Code}/First Run/Classes/


Code: [ Select ]
UIObject.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0x123456);
UIObject.setStyle("borderColor", 0x123456);
  1. UIObject.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0x123456);
  2. UIObject.setStyle("borderColor", 0x123456);

If you've ever altered CSS styles with Javascript, thoose two settings should be somewhat familiar.
Flash uses the same camelNotation as Javascript for the styles, however not all of the same style properties are valid.

Note that Flash doesn't like strings such as "#123456" for colors, it likes ints & will ignore strings.

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