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So I'm new here, been working on a simple flash project where I load in 15 icons into duplicated movie clips. I have all that working, I simply use a for loop to duplicate the movie clip and set the image (inside the movie clip it loads the image) The problem is that I would like there to be an interval between each duplication. So inside the for loop I'd like it to pause for a second or so. Is it possible using the setInterval function? Or should I go about it an entirely different way? Please don't flame me, just looking for some advice.

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You can't pause a for loop, but you are on the right track with setInterval.

setInterval basically calls a defined function at the interval you need (in milliseconds). So if you define a function that duplicates your clip in the way that your for loop would and call that function using a setInterval it will work that way. But always remember to clear your interval!

QUick example....

Code: [ Select ]
var i= 0;
function increment(){
  if (i>5){
myInterval = setInterval(increment, 1000);
  1. var i= 0;
  2. function increment(){
  3.   i++;
  4.   trace(i);
  5.   if (i>5){
  6.     trace("completed");
  7.     clearInterval(myInterval);
  8.   }
  9. }
  10. myInterval = setInterval(increment, 1000);

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