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Preloader, Problems, Pain,....yeah ok im really having a hard time with me please :cry:

i have a flash website, wich has a background content 'movie clip'
*its just an interactive page with buttons, but for the sake of flash il call it a movie clip*
that page consists of a header, a footer, and buttons on the left and right side of the page for navigation. in the middle, i have a large blank area, this is where the other pages of my website are loaded ontop of the 'background movie clip' by pressing the disired button.

its a nice way to make things simple and save actual html pages on a website, i made this following the 'load movie' tutorial from CBTcafe

My problem is introducing a preloader into this...
iv got a working preloader that will load the 'background movie clip' but i cant get it to load up the 'homepage movie clip' ontop of the background all when its preloading, so far it tends to preload the background and then about 30 seconds later the homepage will magicaly appear ontop of the background.

My question is, how do i get the preloader to load the background an homepage BEFORE alowing me to see the content?

im sorry i write alot, but i really need help with this and just trying to explain this clearly as i can, so i dont confuse anyone

please help me :cry:
thank you
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I suppose u have a movie clip which holds that large blank area;
Well, so u want to preload both the homepage and the background before showing them;
That`s pretty easy :
Create a preloader for the background, set alpha of every movieclip from the stage to 0 (it is preferable to have one main movie clip which holds all the others, this way u set the alpha only for this movie clip);
after the background is loaded, make a preloader for the homepage;
when the homepage is loaded, show all the movies from stage.
If u have other questions feel free to ask.

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