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Hello. Can anyone help with this? I have 36 movie clips nested vertically within a movie clip called vertical scroller. 1: How do I limit the scrolling action of "vertical scroller" so that the 36 clips don't dissappear off screen? 2: Can I limit the area where the mouse can initiate the scrolling action? 3:When I click on each of the 36 MCs, how can I move "vertical scroller" so that particular clip is then centered vertically as it completes it's own timeline then stop all scrolling and make sure that particular clip covers all other clips. 4: when I close the clip with a button action, how can I reinstate the scrolling action for vertical scroller?
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to give you real specific help, i'd need to see how this scroller is functioning right now (what kind of script is running it, etc.)

for now, i could hit you off with some vague ideas...

1) define boundaries for the scroller's movement in if/else statements... for example:
Code: [ Select ]
movieclip._y -= 10;}
  1. if(movieclip._y>=100){
  2. movieclip._y -= 10;}

2) define a hotspot for the mouse using if/else statements...
Code: [ Select ]
if(_root._xmouse>=10 && _root._xmouse<=50 && _root._ymouse>=5 && _root._ymouse<=600){...

for the other requests, i think it's even more key to understand how this mc is scrolling and whatnot... if the nested clips are buttons, you can associate some other information with them (such as the coordinates at which the scroller should rest, some function to keep the scroller still, etc.)...
within the clip that is played (the one with the close button), you can have some kind of action placed on that button or a function that is called from that button that removes the function that stilled the scroller...

just some thoughts... with more specifics of what kind of nut your tough nut is, i'm sure someone could help you out more...

peace and blessings,

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