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Ok so here goes!

I've been to every forum on AS that I could think of but still have not been able to find a solution to this.

Here is a link to a FLA with a menu I'm working on.
FLA -->

I'm using mx.transitions to have an alpha fade in/out when btn is clicked. That part of the script works fine.

The problem comes with the "Info" and "View" btn's. The btn's only work on the initial Ad. They loose functionality because only the img0 alpha is effected and never really goes away. Therefor the user can't trigger the btn's because technically it's still in the way. I need away to have this go away or move so I can use the other btn's.

It was suggested to me to use the ._visible property to achieve this. This is where I'm hung up.

Cant get this AS to work correctly with my mx.transition script.

Any help?

Thanks > j
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I'm not sure exactly what your asking but I think

btn.enabled = false; or btn._visible = false;

might do what you need. (visible and 0% alpha are not the same thing)

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