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Alright, so I've been searching for a long time about this, and I keep getting the same answer which means... I'm doing something wrong. So, here's step by step.

I open a bluescreen video file in Adobe After Effects. I use Keylight to remove the blue, and export as an .flv. I import the .flv into Flash CS3 library and add it to the stage. I don't export as an .swf, I publish html with wmode transparent. I then import into Dreamweaver CS3, using media --> flash, adding the paramater wmode and value transparent.... I think I'm done. I preview in browser and.... nothing. Sometimes it doesn't even play, sometimes the background isn't transparent. I thought it was the .flv file, but I've done it over and over. I'll try and post the .swf file if anyone wants to try.

But as of now, any thoughts? Thanks!
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Is the video the full size of the flash stage? If it is I'm assuming your problem is in the process of exporting the vid from AE to Flash. In AE you need to render your file to a format that supports alpha channels (I know for a fact that quicktime does and I think avi's might as well). Basically there's another step in there to go from AE to a movie file and then convert that to an FLV. I've had problems with AE's render to FLV and so the extra step us usually a better bet.

These instructions are for a qt movie since I don't know for sure that the avi supports alpha channels but they should be similar for other file types. In your render settings make sure to check color mode as millions of colors+ that little plus sign means its going to export the alpha channel. Just playing the qt will have a black background but the alpha channel is there.

Open up flash and got to File -> Import Video. Choose external file for progressive download. Go through the steps until you get to the compression options. You have to pick the onp2 (flash 8+) video option and then in the tabs (don't remember which) is a check box for including the Alpha channel (its not checked by default.

Check the box and go to the next step. It will take a while to compress. Place the video on the stage and publish your swf.

Now follow the same steps you did before to actually change the wmode etc. At that point you should have a video that shows the html page background in its transparent areas.

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