Transparent Flash SWF covering HTML- html not accessible

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Hi there,
I am new here. Everything i have learned about html and flash has been from googling and reading others questions and answers. I have a question that i really need help with- i cant find a solution anywhere... please help me... this is the first time i have asked a question in any forum.
I have a finished website that is dynamic using ASP and access databases. At the last minute i decided to use a [flash - SWF] file that completely covers the entire page [swf file doesnt scroll with page- but stays in postion]. i have other divs underneath that have their own scroll bars and have the dynamic links]. The SWF file that i am using as an overlay consists of just a border or rocks around the page, having the entire center of the SWF completely transparent. I am wanting to do this for style reasons- not [advertisement reasons.]
The SWF file displays perfect and resizes perfect, and even the flash drop shadows fall onto the underlying [html divs]. looks awesome.
The problems are these...
1- IE looks great, links and buttons are clickable- but the text input boxes require the mouse cursor to be at the very top of the text input box to receive [focus]. I would almost let this slide as ok...
2- firefox and opera also display perfectly of the HTML, but the html will not receive focus at all [no links, text input boxes or anything].

My website of 2 years of construction is done, but i really want to have the flash overlay. It just looks way better, and really makes the site look exactly like my computer software program of the same nature [built in flash and compiled to EXE with swfkit].

please note:
1. my website is on localhost only right now so search engines don't start indexing pages till i get it figured out.
2. i have tried a floating div with swf inside- and also tried the IFRAME method.
3. wmode = transparent
4. ummm... I would almost split the SWF into 4 parts and place them as top, bottom, etc... but that would get very complicating with auto resizing with browser.

Thankyou for your time in advance-
i hope for luck with my first answer request
robert :(
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robjacksons wrote:
4. ummm... I would almost split the SWF into 4 parts and place them as top, bottom, etc... but that would get very complicating with auto resizing with browser.

Honestly I think thats probably going to be your best bet. What happens is that when the a swf is the highest layer on a site it actually captures the mouse clicks and the HTML doesn't ever register. I tried something similar on this site. (click view all styles in the top left to see the flash unfold) The only solution in that case was to use javascript to resize the swf while it wasn't open.

Is there any way you can give us an example to look at? That will probably help you get a much better answer.
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hiya graphixboy...

thankyou for replying. Yes, i searched awhole bunch over the last month for a fix to this. after i wrote here last night, i came across a better google search term for the issue [ummm, click-through flash]. Then i found all the others with the same problem.

So i learned of the no-fix cituation finally. I did try splitting the frame into 4 pieces- but they have drop shadows and stuff... so it didnt look right with the shadows overlapping. perhaps i might give it another try.

I appreciate your responce. my website is finished- but offline. I am uploading a temp directory from my localhost if you would like to check it out. [BUT] my local version of my site [is trying a major change everything by using subdomains, and is quite mixed up all together bacause of the new divs].

I looked at your example i think that something like that should be considered for my site. something.

I am just hoping to resolve this, because my site is ready [enough] to go... but without the flash overlay and all the extra divs.

i am currently uploading to...

please simply remove the parts that say [remove] from link.

another idea would be to cut all the rocks into seperate swf's... but that sounds quite dumb.

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