Turning the FLVplayback seekbar component into a play button

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Im building a custom FLV player.

Here's the jist of what i'm trying to build :

I want the SeekBarHandle (ie, the playhead) to also be the play / pause button. Ie, the play and pause button will scroll along the bottom as the movie plays.
So if you click and drag the play button it'll scrub through the movie left and right. But if you just click once it'll toggle play / pause.

I've tried a couple different ways of doing this including having a separate play button that has its x value constantly set to the x value of the SeekBarHandle. This made the play button follow and appear to be the seek bar handle. However, when clicked it just played and paused, and lost its drag abilities to change the playhead of the movie.

Another method, which I'm currently on is to replace the SeekBarHandle with a play button mc...This makes everything look like its supposed to and the play button is draggable, but I can't actually figure out how to make it also start and stop the movie.

I've uploaded a zip file of the fla here : http://tinyurl.com/3rpdqj

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