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I'm searching for tutorials php and flash. Can You give me links if You have to this tutorials? I'll be glad.:)
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links? what for?
google is enough.
Anyway, in flash you will make usage of LoadVars class (best for php/asp communication), with it's methods: send(..), sendAndLoad(....) -> read flash help for these.
And in php you will need to deal with $_POST and, only if you specify from flash, $_GET. Also to write back variables to flash, you need to output the following format: echo "var1=value1&var2=value2&var3=value3";
This is all about flash<->php communication.
Of course you need to learn both php and flash, but that's another story.
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A simple way to accomplish communication between any language if Not using Weborb or phpamf would be to use XML.

Here is an example From my Hero Lee Brimlow

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