Tweening a text filed with embed fonts and load vars !

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Hi guys,
I am gonna ask the same question again regarding tweening in text fields.
I already read some Adobe documentation and I understood that text field has its property _alpha available just when it HAS embed FONTS,
So I supose if I want apply a tween class on a text field, I HAVE to have a embed font aplied in this text field... well, for now it is ok, because I did some experiments and everything worked good, but I need to use LoadVars to load my text from external file, and that is my deal.
Does anydoby know something regarding this issue, because I already tried a text fiels with TextFormat class aplied, and embed Fonts, but when I try to load my text from an external file, nothing happen !
You guys can check this site below and notice that thet ext field has a tween class aplied in "About Us", "Testimonials", "Pricing" and "Contact US"...

Do you guys think that they did not use a external text file for this option ?
Just writing all text directly in TextField.text propriety instead a external file ?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I'm confused... What is your project doing or not doing? You say nothing happens, what exactly are you expecting to happen?

If you want to tween a dynamic text field place it inside a movieclip and tween the movieclip.

to get text to show up in a dynamic text field:
Code: [ Select ]
movieclipParent.textFieldName.text = "This will show in the field";

If the above code works and content displays in the text field you have a problem with the way your loading the text and NOT anything to do with the text field. If you wanted to load text bring it in as a string and then:

Code: [ Select ]
movieclipParent.textFieldName.text = stringName;

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