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Hi all, I have a media player app written in flash cs3 (deployed using the AIR framework to a SLAX linux running from a USB stick) and need a way to tell when an swf file, loaded into a UILoader component, has reached the last frame. The swf's come from different sources and in most cases source files are unavailable so adding a cuton event to the swf is not an option.

I am using the following to catch the complete event from the FLVPlayback component for video files:

Code: [ Select ]
function completeHandler( event:Event ):void {
    //move on to the next item in the playlist
  2. function completeHandler( event:Event ):void {
  3.     //move on to the next item in the playlist
  4. }
  5. mPlayer.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,completeHandler);

on the loader the complete event is triggered once ontent has finished loading, so i guess the question is whic event (if any) is triggered once the swf reaches the end of the timeline?

Any sugestions are welcome....

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