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Hopefully someone out there can lend me some help. A ways back I purchased a Flash website template over at Flashden_dot_net . Almost everything has been working fine and I've been able to get great help from the author of the website. However, without explanation, the creator seems to have dropped off the face of the internet (for over a year now) and I still have a couple issues I can't seem to iron out on my own. I wondered if someone who's familiar with Flash might be willing to lend a hand in order to fix the two problems I'm experiencing.

1) For some reason I can't get umlauts to appear within the body of the website. Ü ü ö, etc. The umlauted characters and any characters that immediately follow them vanish
2) The meta tags for the site do not show up at all in web searches. The tags ARE correct; but they're just not being processed correctly.

I'm more than happy to get into more detail and to supply a copy of the template for troubleshooting via private message or email. I just don't want to post the actual web address here because I've previously found that when someone does a search for "xyz_dot_com".... my support posts here at Ozzu show up at the top of the list! :P lol

Any help would be fantastic, I'm trying to get my own little business off the ground and I have just a few wrinkles that need ironing out. Thanks guys!


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