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I'm trying to unload an externally loaded movie from the externally loaded movie.

The externally loaded movie:
1) The movie is nested
2) A button takes the play head to the last frame in the nested movie
3) The code on the last frame would unload the movie from the container in the other movie.

The movie loading the external movie:
1) The container is nested

The code that DOES load the external movie:

on (release) {

The code that does NOT unload the external movie (located on the last frame of the external, nested movie):

trace("container : " + container);

Any help is appreciated.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

did u actually looked up for the unloadMovie syntax?
there's no parameter required.
basic stuff:
1) container.loadMovie("1.swf"); // -> overwrites everything that exists in container with 1.swf
2) container.loadMovie("2.swf"); // -> overwrites 1.swf with 2.swf (1.swf is lost)
3) container.unloadMovie(); // erase 2.swf from container

4) u can do:
// after this code, u`ll still have "2.swf" and "3.swf";

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