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Hello everyone,

Jai buttons in as3 bearing the name of gam0 circumstances of this case,..., Gam9 each button is a movie clip.

So in my first window it works, but in my other page, jai created dautre button clip (the same small) with the same name.

And this does not work, here is the message taken for mistakes: "URL = [URLRequest object]".

If somebody can maider, thank you.
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The code is a extension. I make a personal photo website. Jai 10 lines of picture, when I click on the photo menu docking, I fall on the page with 10 images (link buttons in my video). When I click on a link jattéri on another page with the first 5 images of the range. If you click again on an image, it goes to another page, or there is a large image in the middle, one slide to the left (the other smaller pictures if you click on it you see it larger).

in my clip: bop_home it works but not in the opposite bop_content file.

In the final step Jaime insert the menu on the top left small. But when I do a copy and paste I resize, jai "URL = [URLRequest object]" and it does not work.

Here's a snippet: I support the filing of Part 2 of 3.

private function loadPict (url: String): void (

var imgLoader: Loader = new Loader ();
var request: URLRequest = new URLRequest ( "GAMME/bop/Gamme0" + (gamme_act 1) + "/ Normal /" + url + ". jpg");

imgLoader.load (request);
imgLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener (Event. FULL pictComplete);

Code: I load images in Part 3 of 3: COMPLETE pictComplete);


Thank you for your help

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